Employment Contracts

When a contract breach occurs, it is important that you secure your rights.

Conract and pen

If you entered into a written contract and the other party is not living up to his end of the bargain;
it is important to know your rights.

Employment Contracts: If the employer and employee enter into a written contract: Each state in the United States may differ on what is required to make a binding employment contract. In Florida, in order for an employment contract to be binding and enforceable, there must be stated in the contract, the date the employment is to begin, the date the employment is to end and the                           salary the employee is to receive. Typically, if one of these elements is missing, the contract is not                       enforceable.

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Other types of Contracts: Other types of contracts arising out of the employment relationship include:

 (1) Restrictive Covenant Agreement: Are usually signed at the beginning of employment. As an employee, you were probably eager to get to work and will sign whatever the employer asks. Restrictive Covenant Agreements limit the employee's ability to work for competitiors or similiar businesses for a period of time and for a specific geographic location. There are specific rules in Florida for the length of time and geographic area in a Restrictive Covenant Agreement. Restrictive Covenant Agreements often have different types of clauses such as: "non-solicitation clauses," "non-competition clauses," "non-disclosure clauses," "third-party information clause," and/or "duty of loyalty clauses," among others. It is important that you understand the legality of these clauses before you sign the agreement. Determining whether the Restrictive Covenant is enforceable at the end of your employment may be to late.

    For more information on the clauses listed, please click here.

(2) Severance Packages: When an employer terminates an employee in Florida, it is not required that the employer provide a severance package or severance pay. In some instances, you may be offered a severance package or severance pay. Usually, the employer will require that you sign away all other legal claims. If you believe you have some other type of employment claim, discrimination, retaliation, workers' compensation, you should contact an attorney immediately before signing any severance agreement.

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Every state has different laws and rules for filing claims regarding contract breaches. If you are not in Florida, make sure to contact an attorney in your home state. To learn more about contract claims in Florida, please contact me.