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You need your benefits to help bridge the gap until you can find a new job.
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An unemployment appeal hearing may be daunting for an employee, who just lost his or her job. The employee assumed the benefits would be available; and now the benefits were denied. Understanding benefit denials is important to winning an appeal.
I not only understand benefit denials; I have a proven track record of helping employees overcome a denial of benefits.

Unemployed Man
Unemployment compensation denials most often occur for one of the following reasons:
(1) Voluntarily leaving your employment without good cause attributable to the employer; and (2) Misconduct, which can now be argued:
     (a) regardless of whether what you have done happened at work or during working                       hours; and
     (b) includes but is not limited to the following:
          (1) Conduct demonstrating conscious disgregard of an employer's interests and found                   to be a deliberate violation or disregard of the reasonable standards of behavior,                       which the employer expects of his or her employee. Such conduct may include,                         but is not limited to, willful damage to an employer's property that results in damage                 of more than $50, or theft of employer property or property of a customer or invitee                   of the employer.
          (2) Carelessness or negligence to a degree or recurrence that manifests culpability or                     wrongful intent, or shows an intentional and substantial disregard to the employer's                   interests or of the employee's duties and obligations to his or her employer;
          (3) Chronic absenteeism or tardiness in deliberate violation of a known policy of the                       employer or one or more unapproved absences following a written reprimand or                       warning relating to more than one unapproved absence;
          (4) A willful and deliberate violation of a standard or regulation of this state by an                                                                                     employee of an employer licensed or certified by this state, which violation would                                                                               cause the employer to be sanctioned or have its license or certification suspended                                                                             by this state; and
          (5) A violation of an employer's rule, unless the claimant can demonstrate that:

(i) He or she did not know, and could not reasonably know
      of the rule's requirements;
(ii) The rule is not lawful or not reasonably related to the job
      environment and performance; or
(iii) The rule is not fairly or consistently enforced.
          (6) Such conduct may include, but is not limited to, committing criminal assault or                                                                                     battery on another employee, or on a customer or invitee of the employer or                                                                                       committing abuse of neglect of a patient, resident, disabled person, elderly person,                                                                             or child in her or his professional care.

    Get the help you need in order to receive the benefits you deserve. I can help you obtain the benefits you were
    denied by the Department of Economic Opportunity. To schedule a consultation with a dedicated, caring, and                       agressive unemployment benefits attorney, call 904-619-9281 or e-mail me now.

This list is not exhaustive, there are other rules that might prohibit you from receiving your benefits.

In order to receive Unemployment Compensation, you must be:
        (1) "physically able to work" in order to obtain unemployment benefits- meaning that you must be able to physically and                         mentally work in the occupation being sought; and
        (2) "available for work" in order to obtain unemployment benefits, meaning that you must be actively seeking employment and               be ready to accept and perform a job offered to you.

NOTE: You cannot collect Unemployment Compensation and Workers' Compensation benefits at the same time. If you are receiving social security disability benefits or a pension, this may also disqualify you from receiving unemployment benefits