Short and Long Term Disability Denials


It is important to protect yourself and your rights when you are denied disability benefits.

Every pay day you faithfully made your payments on your Short-Term Disability policy as well as your Long-Term Disability policy. You were taught to protect your future just in case something happened to you, so you would be protected. One day something unexpected happend. Maybe you were in an accident, you became ill, you went to the doctor to learn that your life was about to change. Your doctor said you could not work and gave specific reasons. You are out of vacation time at work but, this did not worry you. You contacted your disability insurance company and made a claim. You provided the adjuster with all the information. A few weeks later, you get a letter from the insurance company saying your claim was denied! You think, "how could this happen? I pay my premimum all the time. How could the adjuster make this decision, you ask. The insurance does not know me. You think, did they even read my medical records?" Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Insurance companies usually deny claims in order to protect their bottom line. Now, when you need the benefits the most, you have been denied.

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My office handles cases that arise from Short-term Disabiltiy (STD) denials and Long-term disability (LTD) denials. Insurance companies often do whatever is in their power to deny your benefits. The process is often confusing for individuals who need to use the benefits and sometimes becomes overwhelming if you are denied disability benefits. If your insurance company's adjuster denied your short-term disability (STD) benefits or long-term disability (LTD) benefits, you are entitled to ask for information to help you determine why your benefits were denied. It is important that you do so immediately, as there are time-sensitive requirements which must be meet in order to appeal your decision. If you ask your adjuster or the insurance company and the information is not given to you as requested, you may be entitled to penalties for each day that the information is not given to you. Remember The insurance company is required to give you this information!!. It is important that you contact an attorney immediately upon receipt of a disability benefit denial. For individuals denied short-term or long-term disability benefits in Florida, contact me to learn more today. For more information about your rights regarding your disability benefits, click here.

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NOTE: Short term Disability Benefits and Long term Disability benefits are different from Social Security Disability benefits. I do not practice in Social Security Disability benefits, but I am able to refer an attorney to you, if necessary.