Employment Discrimination
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Discrimination affects your ability to work effectively and efficiently.
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AT-WILL EMPLOYMENT: Most employees are employed as at-will employees. This means an employer may terminate the employment of an employee at any time, for any reason.

WHEN DOES DISCRIMINATION OCCUR? Discrimination occurs when an employee, who is in a protected class, is treated differently than others, who are not in a protected class. The discrimination must be in regard to the terms and conditions of employment.

WHAT ARE THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT? The employer may not discriminate in the processes of hiring, training, promoting, disciplining or terminating employees.

WHAT IS A PROTECTED CLASS? You are a member of a protected class if the class is protected under Federal, State or Local laws.


  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Religion
  • National Origin
  • Diability
  • Genetic Information


  • Marital Status
  • HIV Status

HOW DO I KNOW IF I HAVE BEEN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST? It is not unusual for a person to feel like there is unfair treatment which results in a demotion or termination, a denial of a promotion or even harassment. If this list is familiar, you may have been the victim of discrimination. At Lyne Law, P.A., in Jacksonville, Florida, I help employees who were the victims of wrongful termination because of discrimination resulting from their membership in a protected class.

If you would like to learn more about the reporting requirements to related to employment discrimination claims, click here.

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If you are Outside the State of Florida: For those of you who live in other states, there may be a state agency in your state. It is highly recommended that you investigate to determine which agency should be contacted to file a charge of discrimination in your home state. You should seek legal advise from a licensed attorney in your state. You can usually locate a licensed attorney in your state by contacting the state bar association or by visiting the National Employment Lawyers Association's "Find-A-Lawyer Directory.

Do Not Wait To Take Action!

If you feel you were the victim of discrimination or retaliatory conduct, you should file a charge of discrimination immediately to preserve your rights from statutory deadlines.