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Reasons For Denial of Unemployment Benefits

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If you were denied, you should immediately contact the Department of Economic Opportunity to appeal the decision. You only have twenty (20) days in which to appeal the decision. If you fail to notify the Department of Economic Opportunity within twenty (20) days, you may be forever barred from appealing the decision to deny your benefits.

Procedure: The appeal will be handled telephonically. The call will consist of a hearing officer, the employer, any witnesses the employer may question regarding your employment, you, and if you have witnesses, your witnesses. The hearing officer will begin by introducing the record, discuss the documents received, and will then take testimony of the employer representative and the employee. Each side will have the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses.

Submitting Documents:There are very specific rules for putting documents into evidence. Even though you may have sent documents to the Department of Economic Opportunity, you may need to send them again to the hearing officer. If you plan to submit documentary evidence, you are required to supply the hearing officer and the employer with the documents at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the hearing. If you do not do so, you may not be able to use the documents in your hearing.

If after your hearing, you are still denied benefits, you are entitled to a review by the Re-employment Assistance Appeals Commission. This is not a hearing. It requires a written appeal and should outline the reasons you believe the hearing officer abused his/her discretion.

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